Business Problem

Our client..

  • A Pharmaceutical Business.
  • Intensive Supply chain.
  • Needed to produce several reports for both internal as well as external purpose.
  • Skilled resource available but Data inefficiency causing bottlenecks.
  • Running a new data environment with no data warehouse or mature repository.
  • Wanted to set up a process-oriented reporting environment.
  • Looking to explore quicker way to leverage meaningful information from data using interactive Visualizations.
  • Needed help liaising with multiple suppliers managing different source data systems – ERP, CRM, Call logs, Ad-hoc info etc.

How We Helped Business Become Data-Driven

We based our approach on two separate (Orthodox but Efficient) methodologies:
  • POC Model – Time duration : 4 weeks

    Linear in nature allowing for in-depth documentation, reduced risks, cut-to-cut objectives. A POC (proof of concept) model was made which helped in identifying gaps in processes that might prevent the product from achieving success.
  • Agile Implementation – Time duration : 12 weeks

    While deploying the solution in the actual environment, We…
  • Implemented and tested the new reporting environment with input from the business utilizing an efficient, scalable and future driven Cloud infrastructure.
  • This made future upgradation/integration much simpler.
  • Produced custom data feed to put the businesses data to even greater use; sales data, customer view, purchase data from the ERP and CRM software respectively.
  • Agile approach adopted to ensure we could react to new requirements as it became apparent that more value could be gained with the new system and data availability.


  • Data Visualisation and creating a story board which even enhanced the user experience leading to quick and efficient decision-making process which can be accessed from the sales team to the C-Level executives based on access roles.
  • Integration with AI enabled predictive analytics based upon the sales data collected, Regulatory pricing and market intelligence to understand the potential outlook for any given product.

The Business Benefit..

  • New Environment – A new data processing environment with automated jobs that reduced manual processing and freed skilled resource.
  • Entrusting and Transparency – Easing the process to delegate the report access to other people and where this has been the case, difficult to monitor and manage the quality of the information being generated.
  • Accessibility – Data dashboards available on smartphones.

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